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The Effect of Perioperative Music on Medication Requirement and Hospital Length of Stay

Fu, Victor X,  Oomens, Pim,  Klimek, Markus, Verhofstad, Michiel, Jeekel, Johannes

Perioperative music can reduce opioid and sedative medication requirement, potentially improving patient outcome and reducing medical costs as higher opioid dosage is associated with an increased risk of adverse events and chronic opioid abuse. Lees hier het gehele onderzoek 

Music interventions for preoperative anxiety

Bradt J1, Dileo C, Shim M.

This systematic review indicates that music listening may have a beneficial effect on preoperative anxiety. These findings are consistent with the findings of three other Cochrane systematic reviews on the use of music interventions for anxiety reduction in medical patients.

Therefore, we conclude that music interventions may provide a viable alternative to sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs for reducing preoperative anxiety. Lees hier het gehele onderzoek

Meta‐analysis evaluating music interventions for anxiety and pain in surgery

A. Y. R. Kühlmann, de Rooij,  L. F. Kroese, van Dijk,  G. M. Hunink,  J. Jeekel

This study aimed to evaluate anxiety and pain following perioperative music interventions compared with control conditions in adult patients.

Music interventions significantly reduce anxiety and pain in adult surgical patients. Lees hier het gehele onderzoek

Geschreven op 08 - sep - 2019