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Music therapy in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Stanley Paul, David Ramsey

The therapeutic effects of music are being recognized increasingly in the field of rehabilitation medicine. More music therapists are being employed in physical medicine and rehabilitation centres, with the goal of using music therapy services to assist in the physical recovery and health maintenance of clients.

In spite of the benefits of physical rehabilitation programs, client participation to their full potential is often not observed. Music encourages participation in exercises and activities. Music can ease the discomfort and difficulty associated with exercise and therapy activities, and help ensure consistent participation.

One of the goals of the music therapist is to provide a means for the client to express him/herself in a musical activity. Music therapy and rehabilitation medicine are starting to find a common niche in working together with clients who have various neurological, orthopaedic, and paediatric conditions.

Therapeutic application of music in rehabilitation contributes to the quality of life of individuals with disabilities. Combined goals could include improving strength, range of motion, balance, communication, and cognition. Continued efforts in clinical practice and research will build on the information already available to further define possible applications of music therapy in rehabilitation, and its outcome and benefits.

Occupational therapists can use the therapeutic medium of music, and the services of the music therapy discipline, in assisting clients to maximize their functional independence in their daily occupational roles. Lees hier het volledig artikel

Music therapy in rehabilitation

Joanna Strzemecka

Conclusion: The use of music therapy in the rehabilitation is huge, but little appreciated. Music therapy is a method of cost-effective, non-invasive where it no reported its side effects. There are small number of studies and publications on the use of music as a form of rehabilitation. Lees hier het volledig artikel

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