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Rethinking the role of music in the neurodevelopment of autism spectrum disorder

Thenille Braun Janzen, Michael H. Thaut

Conclusion: we suggest that music-based developmental training for attention and motor control may receive a critical new functional role in the treatment of autism due to the significant effect of auditory-motor entrainment on motor and attention functions and brain connectivity. Lees hier het volledige artikel

An Analysis of Music Therapy Program Goals and Outcomes for Clients with Diagnoses on the Autism Spectrum

Ronna S. Kaplan, Anita Louise Steele

Conclusion: 100% of parents and caregivers surveyed indicated subjects generalized skills/responses acquired in music therapy to nonmusic therapy environments. Lees hier het volledige onderzoek

Music improves social communication and auditory–motor connectivity in children with autism

Megha Sharda, Carola Tuerk, Rakhee Chowdhury, Kevin Jamey, Nicholas Foster, Melanie Custo-Blanch, Melissa Tan, Aparna Nadig, and Krista Hyde

Conclusion: Music has been identified as a strength in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder; however, there is currently no neuroscientific evidence supporting its benefits. Given its universal appeal, intrinsic reward value and ability to modify brain and behaviour, music may be a potential therapeutic aid in autism.  This study provides the first evidence that 8–12 weeks of individual music intervention can indeed improve social communication and functional brain connectivity, lending support to further investigations of neurobiologically. Lees hier het volledige artikel

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