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Active music therapy in Parkinson’s disease: an integrative method for motor and emotional rehabilitation

Pacchetti, Mancini, Aglieri, Fundarò, Martignoni, Nappi

CONCLUSIONS: Music is effective on motor, affective, and behavioral functions. We propose active music as a new method for inclusion in Parkinson’s rehabilitation programs. Lees hier het volledige onderzoek

Music therapy in parkinson’s disease: Improvement of parkinsonian gait and depression with rhythmic auditory stimulation

Akito Hayashi,Masanori Nagaokab, Yoshikuni Mizunoa

Conclusion: our study indicates that music embedded by rhythmic auditory stimulation without gait training is highly effective in treating gait disturbance and depression associated with Parkinson’s disease. Lees hier het volledige onderzoek

Into the groove: can rhythm influence Parkinson’s disease?

Nombela, Hughes, Owen, Grahn

Conclusion: Previous research has noted that music can improve gait in several pathological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and stroke. Current research into auditory-motor interactions and the neural bases of musical rhythm perception has provided important insights for developing potential movement therapies.

Specifically, neuroimaging studies show that rhythm perception activates structures within key motor networks, such as premotor and supplementary motor areas, basal ganglia and the cerebellum – many of which are compromised to varying degrees in Parkinson’s disease.

It thus seems likely that automatic engagement of motor areas during rhythm perception may be the connecting link between music and motor improvements in Parkinson’s disease. This review seeks to describe the link, address core questions about its underlying mechanisms, and examine whether it can be utilized as a compensatory mechanism. lees hier het volledige onderzoek

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